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Our Services:

This is a short video to show you how we can make your life easier:


One on one Corporate Photoshop Lessons:

More details here: http://www.heatwavephotography.co.za/corporate-photoshop-lessons


Video is a powerful marketing tool. We focus mainly on creating videos for small to medium businesses.

Website Design:

We create visually pleasing websites (similar to our own site), heavily reliant on powerful imagery.

Graphic Design:

Design of logo's, business cards, flyers, annual reports etc.


Writing articles for blogs or for publication, mainly for small to medium businesses.



Interiors and Architectural Photography:

For the interior designer or architect that needs beautifully styled and lit images, I am a specialist photographic service provider who delivers quality images, on time, within the allocated budget. My key differentiator is an eye for design and the technical know-how to accentuate the beauty of that design. The essence of successful décor photography is the blending of light, design, atmosphere and structure. My images portray the designers' intentions and point of view, revealing the unique beauty of the architecture, design and location. My signature style comprises clean lighting, vibrant colour, and simplicity, creating images that speak for themselves. It takes tremendous effort and skill to design or decorate an interior setting. Don't settle for mediocre photos of your work, let’s work together in creating powerful images that will portray your work effectively.



Hout Bay Harbour

Travel Photography:


There is nothing better than travelling, and when I do, I always try to capture the beauty and unique qualities of a location. I'm definitely not bound to Johannesburg, or even South Africa, for that matter. I've traveled locally and internationally doing work for clients that range from corporates to ad agencies and private individuals. I go where you need me, simple as that.






Drinks before the start of the event

Corporate- and Event Photography:

I often get commissioned to photograph Corporates, including magazine profiles, staff photos, company profiles and events. My event photography experience is extensive, from conferences and exhibitions, to launches, celebrity do's and music concerts.  In fact, I can safely say there isn't much I haven't photographed event-wise. The art to being a good event photographer is capturing all the finer details of the event set-up, formalities, party, etc., while still being unobtrusive. Much like wedding photography, your event photography should be an authentic record of the event, including establishing shots, interior photography and people photography, which portrays the ambience of the event.





Commercial and Product Photography:

Most potential customers will never enter your showroom, but they may see your advertising, brochures or website. Excellent advertising photography will represent your company's image when you are not there to do so. Good commercial and product photography will bring out the best in your product, and create buyer confidence. Successful commercial and product photography incorporates many facets. Unwanted reflections need to be eliminated; colours need to be reproduced accurately etc. This process requires photographic and post processing skills that come with years of experience, and of course with a love of product photography. I enjoy product photography because I’m very particular about lighting, colour balance, and all the finer details.