Save on your monthly or annual photography



Did you know that you’re entitled to discounted monthly rates if you shoot regularly?

You will probably know that with photography, what you get is what you pay for, and that it’s just easier and less hassle to pay a professional photographer to do the work properly first time round.

I believe we have the ideal solution for you. If you have regular shoots, whether it be events, products, or any other type of photography that you need done on a regular basis; and you’re willing to commit to a monthly retainer, you will enjoy the benefits of a professional photographer shooting for you at reduced rates.


Benefits to you:

  • One photographer will service you as per your requirements. You will have the opportunity to get to know this   photographer, and he/she will get to know your photography needs.
  • You won’t have to brief a new photographer every time.
  • Saving on the cost of your photography, of course!


Examples of current arrangements:


  • We have a set booking to photograph products for Client A once a week. They’re saving 60% on their photography per month. That’s right – 60%
  • We photograph several events for Client B throughout the year. Instead of paying per event, they are paying a monthly retainer, resulting in an overall saving of 23%


How much will you save?


Savings work on a sliding scale, and are dependant on the total hours you will require over a monthly or annual basis.

We would love the opportunity to work with you, and we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t mind getting consistently good service at a reduced rate. Please phone us, we would need to meet to discuss your requirements to see where we can save you money.


Looking forward to hearing from you,


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