Why tweet cell phone photos when you can tweet professional photos?

March 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Why tweet this photo?

When you can tweet this photo?

Awful, right? That's precisely what happens when companies have no other option - Twitter and Facebook have to be updated! Social media is hugely important, especially when you're hosting an event. What's easier than pulling out your cell phone, taking a couple of photos, and posting it online? It's true, you have a point, but have you ever thought of the damage you're doing to your brand? Posting professional photos just gives you the edge. You know the story - your photographer has all the right equipment, they have an eye for composition and are adept at creating aesthetically pleasing photos, whether it be of your guests, the food at the event, or the décor. And now, this photographer has the ability to send those photos straight to your cell phone as they're shot, in the right resolution, no need for a laptop, messy cables, and no time wasted. 

It all comes down to the image you want to portray. 

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