We've added new services to simplify your life

September 08, 2016  •  2 Comments

Spring has sprung, and with it, Heatwave has launched additional services to simplify the marketing and promotion of your business. Over the years we've had many clients who needed more than just photography, perhaps a logo, perhaps a website, sometimes a video. You've asked, and we've listened. Now you don't have to go elsewhere to have these services fulfilled, we can do that all for you. It sure beats phoning around, following up with different suppliers, and dealing with various contact people. 

We've uploaded a short video to show you how we can make your life easier:


You're welcome to e-mail me at marinda@heatwavephotography.co.za if you would like more details, or have any questions.


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Thank you!
David is a very smart guy! Love your video clip.
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