Should you use Digital Photo Professional, or Lightroom?

August 28, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Canon supplies very good software with their cameras, called Digital Photo Professional. I've used it for years, and it's great for batch editing. I was very happy with its features and didn't feel the need to switch to Lightroom. Eventually, after speaking with fellow photographers, I realised there were some features I was missing out on, so I decided to make the switch. I assumed that, because Lightroom is an Adobe package, and I'm well versed in Photoshop, that I'd be able to open Lightroom and start working immediately. I was looking forward to long walks on the proverbial Lightroom beach, complete with visuals to document the experience. Boy, was I wrong!!

Digital Photo Professional stores all your RAW files in your source folder, easily accessible for later use. With Lightroom, source files are stored in a catalogue that's not hosted in the original folder you downloaded your photos in. It's tricky to wrap your head around catalogues if you're used to accessing source files via a browser menu.

Lightroom has powerful image editing capabilities, but you have to spend some time learning how to use the functions that are so easy to manage in Digital Photo Professional. I scoured the web, watched a couple of video tutorials, and still felt lost. Eventually I came across this site: The free Quick Start Guide for Lightroom covers all the basics. If you're new to Lightroom, I'd recommend you start with this guide, it's quite comprehensive for a quick start guide.

I would not disregard Digital Photo Professional, it's a tool that's easy to use, and has all the basics you need to do simple batch edits. Lightroom adds additional functionality, great for professional photographers who need more control over their editing, but if you only need to do basic batch editing, Digital Photo Professional is the way to go. The price of the software may also be a deciding factor. Digital Photo Professional is available for free, while Lightroom is a premium package. Adobe now offers cloud subscription that allows you to subscribe to their various packages at a monthly fee. Definitely worth checking out, as you'll always have access to the latest updates and new versions of their software. Have you worked with either package? Which one do you prefer, and why? Would love to hear your comments.

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