3 Easy steps to a professional LinkedIn profile photo.

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Judging by the amount of LinkedIn profile photos taken at the beach, you’d be forgiven for thinking LinkedIn is a social network that connects surfers or holiday makers. You’ll also see heavily filtered photos taken in clubs or coffee shops; perfect for social media platforms, but not ideal when you’re a business executive aiming to make a powerful first impression.
What steps can you take to ensure you create the desired look?
1. Research:
Do a bit of research and have a look at the various styles of photos available. If you're in a creative profession, you could do something a little less formal, perhaps with an interesting background or lighting. Below are two photos of musicians who wanted something edgy, we used a creative lighting setup to get that look and feel.
If you're a business executive in law or finance, it's best to keep the look as sleek and clean as possible. 
2. Choose the style you prefer:
Decide whether you want to shoot in studio or at the office. Executive portraits can easily be done at your office, with minimal disruption to your day. There is no need for a formal studio shoot. In fact, as seen here, the office environment lends itself to creating portraits with impact quickly and effectively.
Alternatively, you can always do a head and shoulders portrait on a clean white background. It's quick to set up a mini studio in your office, and the results are on par with photos taken at a studio.
3. Book & shoot:
Book a professional photographer. There is a marked difference between professionally executed portraiture, and photos taken by a friend with their smartphone. 
If you're situated in the Johannesburg area, I am available to come to your office to create a professional photo in no time. Feel free to contact me on 083 280 4468, or at www.heatwavestudios.co.za
If you're situated elsewhere, there are plenty of great photographers that will be able to assist you in creating a suitable image that will enhance your profile.
Say no to heavily filtered photos taken at the beach, the club and the coffee shop!
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