Launch of new Heatwave Photographic Studios website & giveaway

May 12, 2014  •  12 Comments

In a moment of utter madness, I decided to re-design the Heatwave website again. The last time I changed the design was two years ago. That re-design incorporated exciting new features and improved client access. This re-design builds on that functionality, while sporting a more contemporary look. 

To promote the launch of the new site, I'm giving away a framed artwork:


Remember to leave me a note with your choice of artwork in the comment section. Comments about the new site are also welcome!

The competition closes at 12:00 on Friday, 23 May 2014. The winner will be announced on the Heatwave Photographic Studios Facebook page, as well as the @Heatwavestudios Twitter page.



Heatwave Photography
Congratulations to the winner Alicia, who didn't just share the link, but got many of her friends to do the same.
Kathleen Lee(non-registered)
While pic 1 and 3 have awesome qualities pic 2 definitely has a sense of romance, intrigue and excitement. You have got to love Jozi :-)
Nicolina Meerholz(non-registered)
I just noticed that everyone chose no 2 for the same reason as me! No's 1 & 3 are also really nice and capture SA really well - especially no 3!!!
Nicolina Meerholz(non-registered)
I love all 3 , but especially no 2 - I'm a born-and-bred Jo'Burger - so I love all things to do with our golden city!!!
Wayne Hinrichsen(non-registered)
Hi there Marinda.
I really like graphic 2. Truly magnificent !!
I just love the johannesburg skyline and the pink shades are delicious.
Great new site, btw.
All the best.
Warm regards, Wayne.
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