How I came to shoot a range of Fine Art flowers.

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When you're a creative person, there's always an idea of some kind in the back of your mind. When you run a business though, clients come first, paying work takes preference, and long periods often go by without you being able to execute those creative ideas. So they brew, like filter coffee. The longer you ponder them, the stronger they become. Sometimes, you need a kick up the backside to get the creative process started. I'd been pondering the idea of photographing a range of fine art flowers, and I put the process in motion. Winter isn't exactly the best time for flowers, but I set off to the market and came back with quite a selection. Wispy flowers would have to wait their turn, I chose flowers that were bold, with clean lines. 

You may ask what distinguishes a normal photo of a flower from a fine art photo. For me, it's all in the lighting. It's true that you have to consider composition, choice of background etc, but good lighting can make or break a photograph.

I believe this is a good illustration of that point. The first two photos have a white background to illustrate the effect of the flash. The last image is one of the final images. I specifically lit it to create drama, I wanted to steer away from flat, even lighting and tried to emphasise the texture of the flower bud and the richness of the colours. 


These are some of my favourites:

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