The Coffee Table Book Money Shot

March 23, 2012  •  2 Comments

Photographers have a name for 'the shot', that one photograph you get that makes it all worthwhile, the one you chase after and obsess over; we call it the money shot. That's the shot that makes you proud to be a photographer. It's the one that turns you into a massive pain in the eyes of everyone you come across, because you just can't stop yourself from showing it to everyone you run into. For me, this is that shot:

I find it interesting that, while shooting this coffee table book, it's the very last shot I took on a trip to four different harbours. I got the money shot right at the end, one more day, and it would have been too late. Sometimes it looks ike you're at the end, like everything is over and there's no more room for miracles, and then something like this happens. I think that qualifies as a fantastic day. I'm off now, to catch another plane. May you get your money shot moment today.

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Absolutely stunning!!! Well done. Can't get better than that!
Candice Nathan(non-registered)
Wow my friend that is absolutely exquisite!!
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