I've realised that everybody has a story to tell, and everyone's story is important. Whoever you are, you have a story, but you don't necessarily have the voice to tell that story. That's where I come in. I tell stories. I use photos and words to raise awareness about things that matter. People matter. You matter. Your company matters. Your story deserves to be told.

Click here for a full history on Heatwave Photography, from the moment I decided to become a photographer, to where I am today. 

Clients love it when all their needs are taken care of under one roof. I have recently added additional services like website design, graphic design, videography and writing to simplify matters so that clients don't have to struggle, but can relax knowing they're in good hands.

Please feel free to phone, e-mail, SMS, tweet, Facebook, Skype, or smoke signal me to get in touch. I’m based in Northlands Business Park, Randburg, Johannesburg, but don’t let that limit you, as I love to travel. Let’s work together to give your story a voice.

I’m waiting to hear from you,